Kristine Lara Sebastian

Appointed Steward, Minister & Servant in Christ, Kristine Lara Sebastian                                                                                                                                                                                Personal Development Specialist | Professional Speaker & Mentor                                                                                                                        Certified Temperament Analyst & APS Specialist

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A personal trainer in matters of the heart & mind, Kristine Sebastian is an "Agent of Change" in working with old patterns to usher in new beginnings through the door of Christ.

Kristine uses an approach she has dubbed as an Introspective Mining Process as well as her three-step formula, Tapping into Your Well (a formula that draws on the regenerative attributes of water) in helping her clients to achieve their desired goals. As the human body is said to consist of up to 75% water, Kristine imagines the potential for renewal within to be boundless.  To draw on it, she focuses her work on the meaning and implications in its rich symbology in deconstructing the mind. It is her conviction that individual creed can divide us from dearly-held values.

Kristine’s own life has been shaped by themes of abandonment, imprisonment and paralysis that dominated her earlier years. A traumatic rape and deception plunged her into a decade of silence and oppression that often left her incapacitated and hopeless. The ensuing period was a constant struggle to find liberation as she fought the confines of a prism in her mind. During this time she sought answers and healing by exploring a variety of organized religion, learning about everything from her base in Christianity to Islam, Bhuddism and beyond. While many of these teachings enabled her to build on her internal reservoir, Kristine found much of the doctrines too rigid and void of the genuine spirit and message of Jesus Christ; the divine spirit and message that profoundly impacted her when she was only seven years of age. Her relentless journey to seek and discover Truth would span over two decades. It would eventually lead her to the life-changing revelation that “There is only one God,” and “We are all One.” Thus began a new chapter in Kristine’s life, one of revelation, teaching and self-discovery in Truth and in Love. This incredible chapter  that would find her boldly running back to her first love, Jesus Christ and ultimately serving in His kingdom as one of His ambassadors.

Kristine’s reclamation of a power lost in trauma is one of the most defining moments of her life. Her program, Tapping Into Your Well was developed in that vein, to enable a fresh perspective for her clients. Working with men and woman of all ages, she emphasizes key questions: Where and how are you stuck? What lies have you bought in to about yourself? And who could you be if you let go if who you think you are.

In her previous life Kristine was a mortgage insurance underwriter, a practice she credits for training her in the Introspective Mining Process  she now utilizes in this work. With a heart for music, Kristine has written over 50 original songs, a discipline that taught her to think lyrically in probing deeply personal terrain. She now uses her songwriting talents and voice for worship and to and create annointed music of Priase & Worship through Rise N’ Shine Music.

It would be in radio broadcasting where she first discovered her speaking voice. Starting out as a radio talk show host and news reporter for Africa Today with CHRY , she went on to co-host a transformative web-based talk-show called Seeds Talk Show. It was here that Kristine was able to boldly delve into topics aimed at re-claiming personal empowerment & self-awareness.

As a trained and experienced Crisis Intervention Specialist & Coach, Kristine worked on an Municipal Emergency Crisis Hotline where she effectively counseled women in crisis who were contemplating suicide and other forms of self-harm due as a way to escape the anguish of abuse and post-traumatic stress. She enjoys offering some of her time and services to minister and mentor to inmates serving hard time in federal prisons. Her focus here is on promoting positive self-image & improved self-esteem using material and techniques from Rise N’ Shine’s True Image Identity Program.

Kristine currently hosts a radio program called “Tough Talks Live”.  You can tune into to her weekly radio show through RC154FM.COM, to receive her signature “Tough Talks”.  

A graduate from Rivers Christian Counselling Academy,  as a Certified Temperament Analyst & APS Specialist, Kristine synergies her God given gifts, talents and training together in the committed aim of helping others understand the many emotional, mental and spiritual problems that her client’s face. She offers Christ-centred tools, techniques and training so you can to rise above each one of them.

A Minister & Appointed Stewart of Rise N’ Shine Ministries, Kristine Lara Sebastian credits Jesus Christ as her sole strength. A dynamic speaker and mentor, Kristine is also the President of Rise N’ Shine Mentorship; a Personal Development and Coaching initiative with a focus on healing the broken-hearted and overcoming obstacles. 

An Inspired Personal message from the Founder:

Appointed Steward, Minister & Servant in Christ, Kristine Lara Sebastian  

1 Corinthians 16:13-14 Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love.   

It has sure been a very long road of healing, deliverance, learning and overcoming.  I am overjoyed to be here after what I now understand was my own intense real life bootcamp in Faith. I had to learn by Faith that Jesus is King of Kings and that He loves us like no other. He will fight for us in all battles when we just surrender to Him in all things….  ( Click here to continue reading )

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