How A Christian Coach /Mentor Can Help You


                           Helping you to better understand your situation and the changes in your life. 

Rise N Shine Christian Mentorship offers a Spiritual Strengthening & development Coaching Services.

Why Rise N’ Shine Christian mentorship?

The Rise N’ Shine Way is about waking up and rising above; a “growing into” the wisdom so that we can Rise N’ Shine for The Glory of God by knowing who we really are in Christ Jesus,  It is about understanding the Truth;   In “rising and shining” you are raising the bar. 

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Kristine Lara Sebastian is an agent of change;  working with men, women and youth in strengthening, renewing and reclaiming your identity in Christ. Knowing who you truly are and all that you were born to be makes all the difference.


How A Rise N’ Shine Coach & Mentor Can Help You?

Seeking out change is an act of courage in itself. Deep down we may at times feel our capacity for greatness but those old habits or patterns we have outgrown tend to repeatedly pull us back into the very space we are trying to escape. Often we add to this conundrum by surrounding ourselves with people who keep us trapped.

Whenever you are sensing the outward manifestation of your “personhood” is not lining up with your inner core, it is a sign that change is called for. We are most aware of this when we experience setbacks with our goals, the loss of a job or the end of a relationship. This is where Rise N’ Shine Mentorship can offer practical, guidance in enabling the shift in perspective our situation calls for.   

Workshops & Seminars

The Blueprint  - It’s Your Call - Choices & Empowerment

We provide you with fresh perspective on how to see your what in front of you. From there, we arm you with the right tools so you can RISE above any circumstance and SHINE for the glory of God.

   The Rise N’ Shine Instrospective Mining process

                                                         Proven results: Employing Christ- Centred Principles

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                            Waking Up - The “Rise N’ Shine” Way 

  A Gift That Keeps On Giving...          

If you or someone that you know is being held back by barriers or who has a poor self-image?

Well look no further, my services will change that. 

There is no greater gift you can give to your family and friends than the ever-lasting gift of tapping into who they truly are.

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