Christ Vs. The Anti-Christ 

The Battle Is Real BUT The Victory Has Already Been Won

So here’s what we know:


The “True” church, whose members make up the “True” body of christ has been systematically deceived, oppressed as well as strategically divided, hidden and isolated, one from another. We have been intricately and systematically woven into the fabric of a perverted, unrighteous and malignant society; one that is organized and set up to support an anti-christ agenda through its many branches or networks of systems, constructs and institutions that have been designed to manipulate, influence and ultimately control the masses. One of their most effective branches of ironically religion itself. Many of these anti-christ institutions are literally set up “ anti-christ churches” that covertly operate under a christian banner. This faction of the  anti-christ agenda has studied the psychology behind the true believer. They understands that by calling themselves “ a church” they have strategically positioned themselves to attract well intended persons “the wheat”, those who are genuinely seeking guidance and proper direction so that they may live in the way that God intended.

the primary role and purpose of setting up these false churches is to further deceive people by feeding them false truths, otherwise known as doctrines of devils. this is not only happening in the religious institutions. If you look closely, you will begin to see the anti-christ agenda in and throughout all facets of society, including but not limited to our educational systems, politics, race relations, social matters, economics and government.

This anti-christ agenda , also referred to as “ the  fallen agenda” operates through reinforced systems of control which have been obtained through well crafted insidious plans that have been modelled and executed through a “ divide and conquer” methodology. once established, a series of fear-based control mechanisms are systematically implemented and enforced to maintain a satanic/luciferian order of control and authority.

this scheme, we recognize is created out of a desperate attempt to stall, delay or even prevent the second coming of Jesus christ as prophesied in the bible. Matthew 24:26 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. That being said, by keeping the True Body separated, isolated and afraid, the carefully devised plan of the fallen agenda has been met with some temporary success.  Some of the body still do not know Jesus as their Lord and Aaviour and as for those who do, many are still dependent on wordly systems for their sustenance needs and safety, when we should be looking and relying solely on God. We have forgetten our rightful place of authority in christ; a position inherited in the  receiving of the resurrected christ Jesus as out our Lord & Saviour.

Our true identity in christ has been systematically hidden from even ourselves. Some of us have been lost for decades  hidden in and throughout many of these world constructs.  Each one of us has been raised, assimilated and integrated into one or more of these sophisticated “ networks of systems” that have been designed to keep us from ever receiving salvation and the promise of eternal life received only through following the way of Jesus Christ. 

But things are changing. In fact, things are moving, changing and shifting quite rapidly now. More and More people are hearing the word of god and waking up to the Truth. People all over the world are receiving Christ Jesus as their Lord & Saviour and are being lead further and further into the truth through the indwelling and divine leading of The Holy Spirit.  

World conditions are increasingly getting worse.  However, those in the body of christ have been given eyes to see and comprehend the world landscape through revelation understanding. We at Rise N’ SHine Ministries understands that what is occuring on the world stage is a true reflection of what is happening and manifesting from the spiritual realm. the lord is now speaking to his chosen people.  he is preparing us for what is here and what is yet to come into our awareness. We can see there is a host of demonic influences that are running these worldy systems and affecting the lives of the fragmented and  controlled masses.  The Good news is that the body of christ has nothing to fear. In truth, there is much to rejoice about.

God is Sovereign. He is in full control and He has always been. Today, the Holy Spirit is more present than ever. We are the Body-temple where the spirit of the Lord resides. The Lord’s sheep are finally waking up to this. We took quite a beating so taht we would remain ignorant and dependant on the world and anti-christ network of systems and institution. But the holy spirit is liberating us into greater truth that can only be found with salvation through jesus Christ.

So the body-temple is being rebuilt, healed and restore, one soul at a time. Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour is King of Kings and he is setting up ministries and appointing faithful servants as instruments and ministers under his direction. In obedience to the perfect leading and dictates of the holy spirit, as members of the true body of christ, we have been commissioned to evangelize and spread the gospel so that The Lord’s voice and his promise of salvation will be heard by each and every one of his sheep. 

Strongholds are being broken. Rise N’ Shine Ministries has been called to operate and move Christ’s Word of Truth into some of the more denser, darker and unchartered territories. Many of us are buried under layers and layers of pain, fear and deception. This ministry understands those paralizing affects of those deep hurts you have endured. we are here ensure you are able to move through each layer of bondage and further into truth. 

we are standing firm on the solid rock foundation of salvation in the word and we are restoring life in the resurrected power our father Jehovah Almighty through christ jesus. Each one of us must do our part in strengthening and unifying the body/temple. Glory be to god.  

Rise N’ Shine Ministries is established under the Lord Jesus Christ. We understand the hostile landscape as revealed to us through the living word. we also acutely understand the weakened condition of the body/temple and what is required to strengthen it through intense and effective Christ-centred outreach, re-teaching and re-training programs and ministering.

We are here as a ministry to help you understand and live by kingdom principles and standards as shown to us through Jesus Christ. We must walk in with the complete and total love and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. 

we, as the body are the army of the Lord.  


IN John 10:27, Jesus said “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me”.  The true and complete body will come to receive salvation by knowing the Word as shown in scriptures known as the bible and by following the leading of the lord as revealed to us through the ministering of the Holy spirit.

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