Stop and Smell The… Dandelions?

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Stop and smell the … Dandelions? 

If you’re anything like me, you may have early childhood memories of feeling excited when you would step outside and see all of those beautiful bright yellow flowers all around you. The dandelion just seemed to endlessly flourish in abundance. I would pick them, smell them and admire the natural beauty of them that my eyes were able to clearly see. I held much anticipation imagining how happy my mother might be to receive this most beautiful bouquet that I was hand picking especially for her. I could always look forward to seeing the yellow bouquet in a cup of water on the kitchen counter or window sill. My bouquet seemed to just brighten up whatever room they were in and so therefore my world when I saw them.

I Have very earlier memories yet they still bring me joy when I focus my thoughts on them. 

Why do children love the dandelion so much? Could it be more about what the dandelion represents to untrained eyes and to the untainted experience of an innocent child who only can see natural beauty and the overflowing source of abounding joy around them?All I know is that the dandelion brought me so much joy as a child. To me, it was the most beautiful flower until someone told me it was a weed. A weed? What's a weed? The name itself did not sound very pleasing. I learned that weeds are bad and that my beautiful, bright yellow joy-giving flower is nothing more than a bad, pesky, annoying weed. I can recall this shift in perspective was somewhat difficult for my young and then blissfully naive mind to process. So My beautiful flower is not even a flower at all they told me, it’s nothing more than a bothersome, ugly weed. 

So I stopped picking them, I stopped smelling them. Eventually I would stop noticing them altogether. If only I could find a way to get my mom a bouquet of red roses to make up for the countless bouquet of annoying weeds I had been giving her all along.

I see now that my appreciation for the dandelion had changed but that nothing at all had changed about the dandelion itself. Something had changed within me. My perception about what should be deemed beautiful had been altered. 

Decades later, the dandelion grows as it has, bright and abundant just as it did when I was a kid. They continue to grow and brighten the days of countless young children who still sees beauty at face value regardless of its name. 

I have had to make many changes since those early days. I've had to rediscover my appreciation for not only the dandelion but for many things I had lost as a child. It takes time and focused intention to unlearn some things. It's not easy but it can be done. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet". Today , I can honestly say that when I drive by an open field, I absolutely LOVE to see all those bright yellow dandelions again. I take notice of them and they are bright, they are interesting and as as beautiful to me as they were back then.

The next time I pass by an open field, I may just stop and pick one up to admire it. That one will have to be the first of the bouquet that I will hand pick for my mother so many years later. Yes, I think I may do just that. 

"Perhaps it is the love received from the innocence of children that makes the dandelion grow.”

Glory Be To God.

IN Truth and In Love, In Jesus’ Name                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Kristine Lara Sebastian

Rise N’ Shine Ministries

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