Sandals on Ice? Some Shoes Just Aren’t Fit For Your Walk


Sandals On Ice?Whether it is ice or sand that you are standing on, make sure your feet are adequately protected. Trust the Lord in all conditions.

There are a few fundamentals that all Christians know to be true. We know that The Lord is our Salvation. We know that to prepare The Way for us to be saved, in Love, Christ had to willfully and sacrificially overcome this death with dunamis power that is demonstrated in the resurrection. The Bible shows for us that Jesus’s life as a man was lived with uncompromising Truth, faithfulness, obedience and unwaivering Love.  In John 14:6,  The Lord said "I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” This means we believe in him follow the blueprint given to us through His written Word and by way of The Holy Spirt.

With that ground covered, there is something that needs to be addressed to the true body of Christ; something that continued to get in the way of us truly operating as a unified body.  The church is lacking true empathy - We still fail to put ourselves in another shoes; This requires compassion and a willingness to heal the body as a whole.  For us to finally arrive at a place of healing and unification, we must push ourselves to understand the challenges faced by our fellow brothers and sisters in this walk.   When fail to see each other’s needs, we are not able to support each other. Without the ability to feel the pain occuring in another area of the body,  that member suffers without anyone ever knowing to what extent. It is important for us to realize that we are a body of people that requires tremendous healing from a very demonic system that has operated this cruel harsh world that we have been subjected it. People In Christ, We need each other now more than ever.

Stop making assumptions. Often times, when one of us has found a solution to problem in our individual life, we conclude that discovered the secret answer for every one else in the body. I have witnessed this time and time again.  It is true that we are one body however just like with the human body, each organ or part has a unique function. The cells in the skin or panceas is to the cells that make up the heart.  For each member of the body to work together as unit, we need to understand and respect that each member is uniquely made and must be independently regulated The Holy Spirit who is the life force that moves the entire body as one. The church as many bullies; persons who attempts to forcewhat works for them,  as doctrine for all. But this is NOT how it works. Yes, the body needs each member but ultimately it must be The Holy Spirit that determines our specific answers for life.  The Holy Spirit direct us into Truth and therefore into right solutions. All we are required to do is trust and obey .

So lets take a look at Fred & Wilma, a real married Christian couple living in a beautiful municipality known as Bedrock and whose names have been fittingly changed for the purpose of this writing. For reasons centred around their unique work schedules and other personal demands, Fred and Wilma have discovered how having their own sleeping areas is an ideal solution that works for them.  Remember what I said about making assumptions? Well let me begin by saying that Fred & Wilma’s marriage is very strong. It is filled with great love and respectful.  Could this be because of they have separate quarters? Well, the answer to this is yes … and no.  Okay et me explain: The strength of Fred & William’s marriage is not because of any one thing they are doing; Rather, it is in their mutual respect and understanding of each other’s needs as most importantly their obedience and trust in the The Lord to direct them. 

Research shows that there has actually been a sharp rise in married couples sleeping in separate bedrooms. In fact, it has become so common that real estate agents have noticed an upswing in people looking to purchase homes that have two master-bedroom suites . I am writing this piece to show that what may work for one person in Christ may not be the solution for another.  Now that being said,  what would happen if Fred & Wilma arrived a conclusion that sleeping in separate rooms works should be the that way every other married couple should live? What if they convinced themselves that they had somehow discovered the hidden secret to ensuring a successful marriage in Christ?  I am certain they would be met with much resistance. Fred & Wilma effectively put into place a solution that works perfectly for them in their household.; determined through wisdom and practicality to meet their individual needs, demanding schedules and ministerial responsibilities. 

This is a great example that demonstrates how something that may work for one may not work for another.  What’s good for the goose is not necessily good for the gander.  Since Fred & Wilma understands this, you will not find them trying to make all couple live their way.  Here’s another reason why: 

Fred & Wilma trust the Word as laid out in the Bible and as revealed by The Holy Spirit.  As such their union in marraige is sealed and protected under the Lord.  They are both strong ministers, teachers and leaders in the body of Christ and they speak quite openly about their life, their marriage and their walk with The Lord; both individually and together as man and wife.  The transparency and willingness of Fred and Wilma to share their walk is very refreshing. They do not profess to have all the answers but their love for one another is solid and throughly blessed. Fred & Wilma acutely understand that theirs is a sure walk, together in the Lord;  a walk destined to serve hand-in-hand, united and for the highest purpose of serving as one body, in the Kingdom of God. Their lives as well as their marraige is led by The Holy Spirit. They are a wonderful example of how when we trust in the Lord, we cannot go wrong.  Proverbs 3:5 says Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. For this reason, Fred & Wilma’s marraige is and will continue to stand the test of time; Their love endures in The Lord.  

So now you may be asking, what does this have to do with Sandals On Ice -  Well it took me a while to get here but I am about to tell you right now.

Unlike this couple referenced above, there are many in the body of Christ ( albeit well intended ), who make the harmful mistake of trying to impose their “way of living” on the rest of the body.  There are bullies in the church and many are in the standing in at the pulpit. These persons are very harmful to the body.  Too are often being used and operated by a religious spirit set out to destroy the true church judge. Many true servants of the Lord have been demonized by church attendees for not be following a communal path.They are accused and vilified because they are seen as marching to beat of their own drum.  Folks, we must be very careful not to be inflenced into wrongful judgements and accusations of the true body as can have major negative and devasting affects on a lives of fellow servant of the Lord who is obediently and faithfully walking on their chosen path as set out by the Lord. We must ensure that we have completed our due diligence in attempting to understand why a person walks in the way that they do, otherwise we could end up with blood on our hands by hanging an innocent man/woman in Christ. There is a real enemy out there who has operation is set by getting inside of the body through mass infiltration and pollution. This is why we must seek the Lord for greater awareness, insight and revelation. 

We can also learn to communicate with one another to gain knowledge of the ground the Lord has them standing on to better understand why they may be wearing boots instead of sandals.

Imagine yourself at the beach.  Here it would make sense that you might be barefoot or have sandals on your feet.  Conversely if someone is in Antartica, Imay be walking on hard, cold ice and would likely be wearing warm boots.  There are some of us who have been walking on cold hard ice and to ensure that our feet are adequately protected against the harsh elements we are facing on our path.  The sandals you are wearing wouldn’t protect someone in cold weather. Many person who has been standing on harsh and treacherous ground are often subjected to wrongful judgments, criticisms and accusations because are the only one wearing boots in the midst everyone else who is rightlyfully wearing sandals.  As Christian, we may be worshipping in the same building but our specific battlegrounds may be entirely different. And because we have failed to understand this, we inflict pain on one other through our judgements. We make the repeated and horrible mistake of vilifying the sheep; innocent ones who are faithfully walking in direct obedience to the Holy Spirit. 

I have been boot-wearer for almost three years now. I have heard many sandals-wearers talking amongst themselves, complaining, judging and even condemning me as they point their misinformed self-righteous fingers, looking down on me and my boots.  Having little to no spiritual understanding outside of their of the scope of their own myopic walk,  the sandle-wearers foolishly shake their heads, wondering why others anyone would “ choose” to wear boots in the hot sand.  Ask yourself if you have been one of these people in your church, family or assembly. If so, I caution you have only placing your own self in judgement. Here’s why:  While you are turning your nose down at your fellow brothers or sisters who is fighting their own good and challenging fight in the Lord,  you could better serve them Kingdom by caring even just a little bit.  

Take a closer - as you stand there looking down on on them for what I must wear,  look at all that is beneath my feet.  With a cleaner heart, you might have been able to see where was I have been standing all along.  You might have been to see all that I stand for.  Before you make the terrible mistake of wrongfully judging another man or woman of God again, first be willing to roll up your sleeves and put yourself in their shoes.  It may be your only chance gain a true appreciation for bitterness and cold of the hard ice I been standing in all along; Conditions created in part by you and ultimately overcome in Truth and in Love, for you.

Imagine what might have happened to the one standing on the ice if he/she was merely a respecter of men? What would have become of them if they abandoned the wisdom and leading of the One who appropriately dresses them and instead as you would had them What tragedies may have happened in the life of a person  if their desire to “ fit it” with you becomes stronger than their will to serve in obedience to The Lord leading? What might happened to such a person who is standing on the ice if they had decided to trade in their warm protective boots for sandals? What would have happened if Jesus allowed opinions and judgements such as yours to win out in the end? A tragic and painfully high price that would have been just to meet with the approval of the ignorant and the arrogant. I am grateful that our Lord Jesus Christ shows me the Way. I am grateful that Our Lord, knew to ignore the opinions of others and so that He could stay on the path of Salvation. You too should be very grateful the He knew whose voice to listen to and whose voice to follow.


Far too often is exactly what happens to our body. We must now stand up to operate better and greater than we ever have before. Many in the body are still somewhat blind and lack real insight and genuine compassion. In Christ, our eyes must surely become open by His Love so that we can finally see Truth. We must be willing to take a moment to pause and look through these lenses of Love and Truth to adequately understand the environment that each member of this body is facing. We must stop making wrongful assumptions about and duly support one another in the way a “real” family was designed to operate The Kingdom Way; reflecting the fruits of the Spirit.

As the true members the  body of Christ must now take time to seek clear understanding of each other.  We must continue let go of your own understanding and surrender to the understanding as revealed to us by ONLY the Holy Spirit. 

We must learn to truly love one another with the Love of Christ.  Ultimately it is The Lord who knows what each of us are going through and the conditions of the ground we are standing on. He dresses us with the appropriate apparel and armour to withstand the battles He is fighting with and for us.  Rest assured,  when there is ice on our battleground, it will surely be boots He will have us wear. Sandals are to worn on the sand.

So now, my fellow brothers and sister in The Lord - the next time you see one of your siblings wearing boots please be willing to lean in and take a closer look. Then in compassion, extend your hand.  Seeing the truth of another persons’ struggle positions in place to serve greater. You may be the very hand that can make the all difference in whether or not they get through a tiresome and lonely battle. They boot-wearer among us many never be the one to tell you this but some of those icy battles they are fighting, could very well a fight they have been commissioned to fighting, to save you.

People of God, we cannot expect love and compassion from our enemies. Therefore as the “true” members of the body of Christ, we must step in and step up. We must commit outselves being better at loving one another.  “ …Thy Kingdom come , Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Glory be to God.

In Truth, In Love; In Jesus Name.

Kristine Lara Sebastian

Rise N’ Shine Ministries

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