Lesson Learned In The Gap

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I recently read a post from a friend who offered encouraging words around letting go of negativity.

And so his words got me thinking about some of my recent experiences of facing what felt like an unbearable process of having to let go of pain or of people who presented as negative in my own life. Here is some valuable insights I have been blessed to discover...

Having to let go of negativity, particularly when it’s packaged in or around those people with whom we hold great love for,  is much much easier said than done. At times we are forced to do this when life calls upon us to take a stand for Truth, for Love and for Justice. It is in these moments that we are called to demonstrate “who we are” and what we stand for, in relationship to those around us including those we hold most dear.  When faced with the toughest of these circumstances and battles, the highest position we can take is to place ourselves in the space where only Truth, Justice and Love will ultimately win out as the victor through those battles.

In those painful situations when we experience Love, Truth and/or Justice being sacrificed for something of a lower value, we ourselves must rise to the arduous challenge of selflessly and virtuously placing our own selves “In The Gap" as I call it. For the sake of these three most important virtues, we must faithfully surrender ourselves so as to allow Love and Truth to use us with all of the strength inherent in them both.  We must be prepared to willingly and courageously stand alone in unpopular spaces and unfamiliar territory.

In the very moment place ourselves in the gap, we will surely be met with both opposition and adversity in the form of some very harsh storms. But for the faithful one who chooses to stand up as a pillar to be used as buffer against those devastating storm, there is ever so much to be gained.

You see it is only in “The Gap” that the greatest and the most profound lessons in Love, Truth and Divine Justice are truly revealed and can ultimately be learned.

Christ Is Our Strength. May God bless all those who are reading this.

It’s Your Time to Rise N Shine,  All For The Glory of God.

Love Always,
Kristine Lara Sebastian

Rise N’ Shine Ministries

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