Christ In The Coffee Shop: A Man Was Changed Today

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Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. 

So I am sitting here in a Tim Horton's having a coffee and doing some work. There was a man sitting at a table near me. He appeared to be between 60-65 years of age. It didn’t take long before I felt the Holy Spirit moving and knew that this man’s life would be changed today. I didn’t know how but I always know what this feelings means and I have learned to trust it. I felt Holy Spirit speak to me saying “ Say nothing, he will turn to speak to you”. 

So of course I just did as The Lord instructed and I said nothing and just carried on with my work. The man went away and I totally forgot all about him. But when he re-appeared about 2 hours later later, I immediately remembered what the Lord told me and so still I said nothing and continued in my work and reading my Bible.

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All of a sudden, I heard a voice speaking. I looked up and sure enough it was the man and he speaking to me, just as the Lord said. The man directed my eyes to the weather because it was suddenly snowing quite a bit and completely out of nowhere. We proceeded engaged in some small talk which presented its challenges because his English was not as strong as his Cantonese, he told me.

My eyes were then directed to a cigarette that was sticking out of his hat and that he kept touching with his fingers. I led to impress upon him how important it is that he quits; that he must break that addiction. In obedience, I told him that smoking was very bad for him and for his life. He smiled, shrugged his shoulders in agreement but with little visible conviction. But I could feel that the Holy Spirit was just getting started with this man.

I was then led to ask the man if He knows that God loves him? Shocking to me, he seemed rather surprised by this question. I then told him that God surely does love him; and very much. 

It was then that I saw it!  Right then and there I saw it; The blessing that the Lord gave to me on this day came in the most beautiful child-like smile of a complete and total stranger. The man was actually blushing. He blushed like that of a 5 year boy who had just been told how very special he is. That smile was absolutely breath-taking.


With his heart-warming smile still beaming through his face, the man then turned and quietly asked me the most unexpected question. He said “How do you know?” I honestly wasn’t prepared for that and so I quietly inquired of the Holy Spirit to direct me and to lead me into how I should answer this precious soul who was now leaning in to know The Truth. His question was first met with a smile, I looked directly in his eyes and the response he received was simply  “I just do”.  In that moment I literally felt the love of the Lord for a complete and total stranger. I knew in that moment that if even my natural eyes were to never see this man again, that a divine connection had been made right then and there.

So now with his face still beaming with joy, I was led to say this “ And you know what? The Lord wants you to know it too”. And in his strong cantonese accent he said “ Oh, you are a smart lady”. I replied, “The credit is not mine. It belongs to The Lord.  It is the knowledge and wisdom that the He shares with us when we know Him and He wants you to know Him too”. 

By the end of our 20 minute encounter to which the Holy Spirit ministered His Love to the heart of this man, he took the cigarette out of his hat and boldly broke it into several peices and with a conviction brought on by the strength of God Almighty. The man then stood up declared “No more, I quit”.

People, God is working in such effective and miraculous ways. The man in the coffee shop is named Andy. I ask that you all come in agreement and pray for Andy. Pray in Jesus’ Name that the right people will be placed in his path; people who will continue to minister to him; That he may come to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and be led into greater Truth and salvation in The Lord. For the absolute glory of God.

If anyone ever wonders why those of us devote our lives to serving in a Ministry of the Lord,  it could simply be explained in just one simple sentence…  “Because God happens to thinks that the life of a man named Andy, sitting alone in a coffee shop, is worth it.” And guess what people? He just so happens to think that YOU are worth it too. I for one am very thankful that He does. 

We thank you Lord and we love you. Praise be to your name.

I hope this blesses someone today.


Love & Blessings - My name is Kristine Lara Sebastian, Founder and Ministerial Steward of Rise N’ Shine Ministries.; An Outreach, Teaching and Re-Training Ministry under The Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord knows who he is sending us to sit with and how He will minister to them. I have been thoroughly blessed by encounters like the one I had with Andy. Many of them taking places in coffee shops, just like the one where I met him. For some, the Lord has used me to plant a seed. For others, the Holy Spirit has led me to hold their hands and lead them into a prayer of Salvation where they come to recieve Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.  Oh What A Blessing!

The Lord is placing Rise N’ Shine Ministries directly in the face of people; to locate and minister to hearts of those who will receive Him. I am throroughly blessed to be chosen as a vessel to do this important work of the Lord. There is absolutely nothing greater than serving in the Kingdom of God. Praise Be to His Name.

In Truth, In Love; In Jesus Mighty  Name,

Kristine Lara Sebastian

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